Ainoa Naniole

Democrat for Hawaii State House District 3


My sincere mahalo to each and everyone of you who I have met, learned from, and was inspired by in my first bid for elected office. You taught me about the unique challenges that face our district, and have emboldened me to help our community.


Thank you very much.






Healthcare is a fundamental human right.  This is especially true for society's most vulnerable citizens, which include our kupuna and those suffering from mental illness.  Working with our community health centers and hospitals to improve efficiencies and restore services lost during severe budget cuts is vitally important to the overall health of our community.



As our kupuna possess a direct link to the past, our keiki are the key to Hawaii’s

future. I will work diligently to ensure that improving public education in Hawaii

remains a top priority. Students must have the necessary resources to achieve

success in an increasingly complex world. It is my hope that our keiki are well

equipped to pursue their dreams after graduation, while reflecting the richness of

Hawaii’s history and diversity to the world.

Primary Election

August 13, 2016

Poll Hours: 7 a.m. - 6 p.m



Early Voting

Be on the lookout for the 'Mail out ballots'

July 13th, 2016

Department of Hawaiian Home Lands


The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) provides much needed housing and resources to our state's Hawaiian community.  It is incumbent on the State of Hawaii to honor its constitutional commitment and fiduciary responsibility to the DHHL by ensuring adequate resources are provided to meet the operational and programmatic needs of this critically important state department.  Equally important is for the department's administration to effectively execute and utilize appropriated resources to meet the needs of its beneficiaries in an efficient manner.



Maintaining and protecting our district's agricultural industry by continuing to support our farmers and ranchers, ensures our ability to provide our residents with local sources of food.  Working to prevent unnecessary restrictions placed on our farmers and ranchers and working to ensure their access to critical resources like long-term water leases for their operations is essential.  We must also find solutions to help secure our farmers' crops and livestock, especially given the vast and rural character of House District 3.  Recent instances of trespassing, criminal property damage, and theft threaten this already fragile industry.


Labor Unions


Historically, Hawaii's labor unions have been very important in the development of our community.  They play a vital role in maintaining the unique lifestyle and diverse character of our island home.  By continually advocating for a livable wage and benefits for their members, unions enable generations of island ohana to remain in Hawaii and perpetuate our most valued traditions.


I have submitted my name today for candidacy to be your next Hawaii House Representative for District 3. I am excited to have this opportunity to serve and give back to the community which raised me. I look forward to your support on this journey.


Filing nomination papers with Mom and Dad as witness on April 8th.

Eva Naniole, Ainoa Naniole, James Naniole.